We Intend our World. These extensions/enhancements are pretty much a literal thing. The Life World within the Greater World . . .

Multifaceted options . . . activations from within, and beyond . . . new foci . . .

The Aware. He who has knowledge of the secret parts of everything, and knows their inner meanings.

We can move from the apparent levels into the more intrinsic ones: ie, being one with the universe, interconnected, multifaceted.

So, I might say something like, The Other, The Greater, instead.

I came up with these notions:

Level 2 . . . the ordinary physical body, in bed, with a dream . . . two aspects

Level 3 or 4 . . . an activation in which other aspects take on an “Independent Reality” . . . like the other body or dream reality, or the sense of identity.

We move from the elements within the form, to a change of form itself. There is a deeper sense of identity, our intrinsic nature: its not lost!

These activations, though, move one up the ladder. Intent and figure/ground adds some reality to it all, form and identity, intelligence: there’s other spaces, bodies , energy . . . structure. For instance: “I was picking away at a square stone, with a rounded top, on the ground. Eventually, I was able to get one side lifted up: it was like there was an uprising, a sheet flowing upwards. It was like this was me turning myself inside out, and I was centered within this new local of self and body, and a new feeling and energy.”

It looks like it was Washburn who got me going into the triphasic idea though . . . starting with the Dynamic Ground, then Separation and differentiation, then the Reintegration with it.

If you look at it, most systems start there: Yoga, with the level of undifferentiated consciousness, Buddhism with the Ground, Muslims with the Void, and even Christianity . . . “Genesis 1:2, part 2  
The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” It seems to be our “psychology.”

Then there is “Creation.” It begins to be dealt with differently at this point, systems have their particular understandings. “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” The Muslims have this too, though they say the first man was light as well. There are versions of God emerging at the highest differentiated level, as delineated by the Yoga Chakras, like the “Word was God:” we get images of God, experiences, a contentious issue in some traditions. This may just be the levels of gods, i.e., “small g.” The figure/ground fits in here . . . its “Psychology” . . . lol, and I also have that for my intermediate function between the Creator and the Creation. Most have something here, except for Christians who say there is matter, and Spirit, which is separate. We think we are dealing with the “concrete” world; but actually, even that is an “abstraction!”

This is getting to be physics now, the zero point field, and consciousness dealing with emerging particles.

Subconsciously, I was working on that interconnection, bigger picture, on my own. Reintegration . . . ? Ah, the transegoic stage! Intent and figure/ground, its that intermediate zone, for sure, between the Creator and Creation.

Initially, I was taking it all in my abstract way, intent and figure/ground; but when others began externalizing, I backed off. Other stuff started happening though, from these other more typical avenues. So, despite a lot going on within ourselves, there is an optimum, and one occasionally can connect with it.

I originally began moving through the Self and Body, identity, the intrinsic me; but those externalizing ways pulls one out of that.

There were a couple of unique avenues for me. It was like my inner space was in interaction with something greater, a newer space, as if I was in a store and visualizing all these products with bright colors. Likewise, it was like I was in a mall, and doing the floors, which were pristine, changing colors, shifting into wood. Imagine that, as a way to give form to an interaction with the greater!

In another experience, in a similar way, it was like my inner space was in connection with another lighted space, that was a space of friendly beings, whose presence one was feeling. There are beings out there!

I was cuddled with Aurora in bed, which added a newer direction. It was as if I got the impression of tallness, and then there was this tall lean younger man to my left, dressed in brown with a yellow belt, to my left, clapping his hands together. (May be his issue.) From the right there were these misty shadowy profiles of women emerging, getting closer.

I got the image of a woman in a swirling bluish galactic space.

In one focus of intent, in connection with that greater realm, the extent was so large, it was as if there was a projection of a small dark humanoid figure out there into the distance within that great vastness.

I was focusing directly on some man, with my light illuminating that direction.

So, I was encountering, touching upon, something more. Or, I was extending myself, going in and out, working with the greater: I could feel that activity going on. A sight change of context, in general, but stuff was still happening.


Extensions . . . my new catch phrase. Within this World View of ours, of Self and Reality . . . moving past this neutral rational idea of it, into the further activations of Intent.

Core moves/intrinsic elements. Open spaces.

So, as far as this ”construct” goes, on the one hand we got the rational interpretation, and on the other, there is active intentionality. Its here that one can do one’s “homework.” There’s a lot more going on here than only “What one thinks.” Its time for main stream psychology to evolve: we were seeing it in Buddhism, Yoga, Muslim approaches, for instance. Its like interconnecting with the bigger picture, a larger piece of the puzzle can be engaged, enhanced meaning and identity emerge.

One can examine the other associated pieces of the current orientations, consciously. Its more like grabbing a bigger chunk of things rather than filtering it down.

Figure/ground, connection/interconnection, fusion, activation, mutual arising, identification . . .

Identification, the key . . . there’s multi-facets to consider here, not just the shadows emerging due to selectivity.

Extensions . . . Who are you? Who. Who.

The Core-Me . . .

Who I really am . . . There’s some marvelous presentations, interconnections, alterations occurring. They feel real enough. Identifications.

Transformations . . . further perspectives of Self and World. . .

This ecology of flow, with the emergent core options . . .

Like a poet, pulling his words from an infinity of options . . .

Intent and figure/ground adds some reality to it all, form and identity, intelligence: there’s spaces, bodies, energy . . . structure.

If you only got the subject/object, what are the options? I can look back at the various involvements I had here, over time:

“Extraversion, identity construction, and internal dialogue are the principal means by which the mental ego seeks to deal with its “nothingness.”” p.92

THE EGO AND THE DYNAMIC GROUND: A Transpersonal Theory of Human Development , Michael Washburn

Being Made . . . The Life World within the Greater World . . . can see how the Shaman are operating within this larger reality.

I was fascinated by that Half-Life 2 remake, with Unreal Engine 5, on YouTube. In the middle of the night, my interest was drawn back to that: I felt myself working up to it, and my intent was extended into another fascinating state. It made me wonder what kind of positive potentialities we can achieve. Just like that? There’s talk of learning “How to See.”

This delineation, of intent and figure/ground can be quite abstract, intelligent, sophisticated, like any idea. It could even be a mathematics, like G. Spencer Brown’s, “The Laws of Form.” Tesla. Its very expressive in every way, like in any form of creativity. So, besides this personal, social orientation, it makes one wonder what is really in store for us, our potentials.

This exchange of meaning puts us in a more enhanced level: there is a transfer of energy within these contents, with these feelings of wonder and satisfaction: the most we know of that in our material world in the exchange of imagery and energy is sexual. Its time for alchemy.

There’s also a lot of shit going on out there: it makes one wonder. Back then, you might of got a “G***y” response. Now, luckily, I see I’m still getting other options; like, there is a “Self that Knows.”

The big issue of this step beyond the colloquial, generic interpretations, is getting more precise meanings. That’s what it is all about, the Life World within the Greater World: once I understood that, I was “saved;” the “game” isn’t all; there’s something more real going on! Intent isn’t just a “selective” thing; its more like a penetrating discernment of issues, like Buddhist’s “mindfulness.”

Looking at one of my situations . . . haha . . . representations thereof! Symbolic aspects coming up, like moving forward, then seeing mechanical towers jutting up. Then the presentation, and saying, he lives within this narrow room, which I saw. My tight orientation of attention at the coffee shop? Didn’t have to consider what the others were doing, which I didn’t want to get involved in. All that I recall . . .

‘When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.’

~ Victor. E. Frankl.

Moving Along

I like this quote of mine:

“Our experience is various subsets of our totality . . . drawn to our bodily consciousness, our physical situation, our needs, etc

But we’re more than a sliver of a self that has a repressed part . . . with the problem of differentiation and the social adjustment.

You could say there is an aspect of self, which we normally consider as ourselves, involved in a certain focus/reality. There’s another higher-up aspect of self that’s aware of it, and other possibilities. This is where the potentials of a wider reality or consciousness is possible. The knowledge, guidance we can encounter here in this greater realm. Not just dream symbols, feelings; but the synchronicity, experiencing, and knowing in another way.”

Friday, July 21, 2006

Originally, right from the beginning, I was working on moving past that separate mode, subject/object, passive, with random floating ideas, feelings, and images within oneself, the external world as the controller, and connecting with the real world, getting out of one’s head. As Alan Watts would say: “It exists!” “A mutual arising of Self and Existence,” as I put it. (I was only 19.) As I would see it now, there is a variable overall orientation, context, instead, rather than just a separate idea and construct, with everything tied together here, activated.

The True Self, The Essence.

The Quintessence.

You can see I was working on the levels, even then. Got the physical, then social, then the personal, identity, consciousness. Intent is there; but you can see how I started dealing with the psychoanalysis back then. I moved from that sliver of self and a repressed part, to a Self that “knows,” and can deal with those “other” parts as well. One could use those old philosophical definitions here, of the rational ego, and the transcendental ego, not just the conscious self and the unconscious.

Until I dealt with that colloquial psychoanalysis, externalization, though . . . to get past the roadblocks.

I got the Life World within the Greater World here, with “ We are Selves entwined within the universe in an interactive field of meaning and knowledge,” now.

This also sounds like the first and second attentions; but within a larger context, not something linear.


Ah, that makes more sense, a body ego before the development of the Rational ego . . . why meditation begins with the body, etc.

”I trace the unfolding interaction between the ego and the Dynamic Ground from the ego’s initial differentiation from the Ground (the period of the pre-Oedipal body-ego), through the ego’s repressive dissociation from the Ground (the period of the Cartesian ego and the dynamic unconscious), to, finally, the ego’s return to and reconstitution by the Ground (the period of spiritual regeneration and higher integration). “ xvi–xvii

THE EGO AND THE DYNAMIC GROUND: A Transpersonal Theory of Human Development , Michael Washburn

So, in that basic state, there’s a return to the body orientation, “body intent!” And it was me, out there, doing body things.

So, rather than just a separate self, with it’s “internalization “ of the outside world, or your “externalization,” its more like an orientation, interconnection, with the world. I could use intent and figure/ground as my rule of thumb here, rather than just rationality, for there are two functions operating together here. The biggest breakthrough here for me was to get past that typical conscious/unconscious duality.  I can relate to these abstractions.

Transformations . . . further perspectives of Self and World. . .

This ecology of flow, with the emergent core options . . .

Like a poet, pulling his words from an infinity of options . . .

It was like I was in this creative position, like the director of a symphony, with my hands and arms outstretched in front of me, rhythmically sweeping, creating this canvas of hanging fabric.

Likewise, in the battled woman/man interpretations, which involves selectivity, I aimed for something more intrinsic. I transformed into another kind of man, with different mannerisms, as I talked with the woman. I directed an instruction to my “Ai chip,” with the resultant page of a black and white line drawing of a woman’s countenance. There was a spark of light and I had the presence of a more energetic woman. Overall, I was out of the typical generic interpretations, that people were doing battle over.

Conversely, I was investigating a situation I didn’t like, and it was like I uncovered this old glass jar, brought it up, and gathered it to myself, rather than being selective and going for something I liked.

Sitting there within one’s “life world orientation” . . . rather than tearing these perceptions apart, as in the old days, its more like interlocking with those other aspects, a quick spontaneous change. Sorting my self out here. Or the experience tearing you apart, like with Jung.

A switch, to another aspect of the figure/ground, like I was standing there in another body, looking down at my big luminous hobbit feet, or lying there, in my larger “plasma” body. Another switch and I was in some other focused space; but well defined, focused, real.

The typical inner space took on further aspects, like viewing a cityscape, with the feel of an oblong ship, body, flying towards it. There was the presentation of a curved sense of Self, as a house. Back then, hey?

Images. But then the sense of space, motion. Activation.

I was prancing around in a circle, like my cat going around me, in the morning.

A luminous goose, in a colorful space.

Them, but like on a colorful card. Considerations . . . results . . .

In Summary

In summary, we “intend our world” . . . intentionality. I see there’s the issue of having to move in this direction, use this core mode, not just passively observe. Moving out of those apparent levels, going with those core flows, everything tightens up, connecting with those intrinsic elements that come into focus. Its not so much “selective,” as being an interconnection, an “orientation within the ongoing context.” So, there’s many multifaceted possibilities available, not just a linear orientation, like moving forward in time, with the beginning and the end, in a predestined way, predictable. There are also times when this connection can spontaneously occur, a new space, state, emerging and pulling one in. What’s beyond the “apparent” has more to it than originally thought.

Initially, I was aware of how there could be a “mutual arising of Self and Existence.” Back then, it was mostly in the natural world for me; though, I was also having issues of how people wanted to direct this, grasp it, with their generic and colloquial interpretations. There are changes of context here; but it wasn’t until I was able to extend this into an even higher perspective, “The Life World within The Greater World,” that I was able to make use of it, deal with various interpretations, have more meaningful experiences.

These various figure/ground orientations can be multifaceted, multidimensional, with a more encompassing take, with more parts involved: if intent moves beyond the typical . . . something greater can emerge. I like the degree of sophistication that can be presented. There can be a connection with a “truer reality,” and an interaction with all of those other associated intrinsic elements, a greater consciousness. I realized, ”We are selves entwined within the universe in an interactive field of meaning and knowledge.” That’s our true psychology.

Intent with figure/ground, is like that intermediate position, between the Creation, which emerged from the formless, the ground, and the All. Its the way back. There’s a possible interaction here, with an elite consciousness, a learning process, of The Life World within the Greater World.

One has to feel out that intentionality, those core moves, not just be drawn to those apparent levels, those external ways, the externalization. One can then move along. Intentionality is connected to one’s True Self, the Essence, with all those intrinsic connections: one can extend one’s meanings and understandings of the world, with flexible moves within the construct which isn’t singular through this approach.

I view this construct as an abstraction: these moves are more like philosophy, science . . . interactive meaning. There’s a lot of talk in other systems about this enhanced insight, etc.: thinking only takes one so far. Yoga seems to be our oldest, like that Sumerian coin with a person in a meditative posture etched upon it; then Buddhism, Islam, and others came from there. There were even older systems, like those buildings that were orientated to the North Pole where it was 100,000 years ago . . . talk of the Gods! Lineages, like those of Don Juan’s, doing their work, but remaining underground!

Your “externalized” symbolism, way, was almost like “Freudian,” then with the idea you need to be “civilized,” to deal with it all, belong, in a generalized way. Look at the trouble this got me into! This is only the beginning stage when the ego needs to extend beyond itself: a bit of a social adjustment first, and then moving more along the lines of self-development.

Consequently, I got that reversed, with the “Life World” within the “Greater World” . . . the bigger picture! This is more meaningful, evolutionary, and it leads somewhere. You see more of this, these days. We need these further stages!

This is me, and I seem to be going another way, hey? My push.

Islam . . . the first man is also a light. Muhammad. Christianity . . . the appearance of the “Star” . . . Jesus. Symbolic of our true nature?

“This work is called Hayakal al-nur, the shapes, the forms, the appearances, the edifices of Light. As the Greeks of old saw the stars as the material bodies of spiritual existences, these shapes of Light are the manifestation
of the source of all light, the Sacred Light.”

The Nagual.

Vernant comments: “The paradox of the divine body consists in the fact that in order to appear to mortals, it must cease to be itself; it must clothe itself in a mist, disguise itself as a mortal, take the form of a bird, a star, a rainbow.”

Beginning with our apparent manifestation, we can extend beyond that: there are many other aspects of the figure/ground, and larger associated meanings.

It was like I was looking at this tall red headed man. Later it was an extension of intent, and I was interconnected with this twirling twist of a reddish energy orb beyond me.

Moving out of the down to earth, and it was like my arms and hand was extended in front of me, with this sense of wonder, like a child feeling its body for the first time.

I was thinking of these YouTube clips about the pyramids and the possible underground tunnels and chambers. I got this sense of a strange energy at one of the underground intersections. I thought I should leave; but then, reconsidering, I thought I should examine it with intent. I got this image of an unfolding black and white map delineating what is going on under there. As I was going I got this call: “Hey, what about this?” I saw these lighter energies illuminating areas much further away than where I was. Something is there.

As I was considering these intrinsic areas, suddenly a distinct black object, sharp and with clarity, came moving in. As I considered that, I saw the image of a short haired woman, with glasses, looking at me. There’s many elements these days that can be reconsidered, happen.

The Flow

Some animals are merely reactive to the environment . . . we can consider the “machine” here . . . the nervous system, environment, genetics . . . Behaviorism.

But many others have much more built in between the input and the output. Our “psyche,” for instance, with the construct, thinking and programming influencing what happens.

The “Person” is in here, Self-Consciousness.

We can think and consider; but intentionality is much more sophisticated than even that. This abstraction then, without this higher functioning, is only “the “mark” of the beast.”

We are embedded within this nugget with knowledge, consciousness, power; higher forms are possible.

I’ve been through many stages; but I guess you could say that I got that additional flow, core, moving within me. It has its own meaning, insightful.

One could imagine starting within one’s typical situations, sense of me. One may feel stuck there; but with the proper attitude and orientation, one can deal with more of it. There can be unraveling, openings, enhancements. It was like there was a sudden change, a second attention, and there was the appearance of this esoteric round circle of energy and light. I was very curious and moved up to it quickly to examine it more closely. The typical situation wasn’t the same anymore. Wow! Then there was the experience of “me” changing; I became a much more sophisticated being, with differing feelings, and lighter . . . Hollywood here I come. Being more like a child like thing; it was like a grabbed a fence and pulled myself up to look over: I caught a glimpse of a much more refreshing feeling and energetic reality on the other side!

The ordinary situation can change . . . new to me! I always knew intent could move into a more enhanced level; but this is me and my situation changing, transforming, per se! With intent, there can be a greater orientation, redrawn perspective, multifaceted view, a more global meaning overall including other pieces of the jig-saw puzzle.

Digging deeper, extensions, an enhanced context.

With that change of attitude, it was like I was within this space, like in a house and opening cupboards and doors . . . stuff was presenting itself, like a round yellow plate.

This is like driving around in these extended spaces.

Addendum: It was when I considered Chase when that yellow thing showed up; and recently he’s been talking about sitting in my car, or going for a drive.

We “Intend The World”

So, I pretty much started with the idea that we “intend the world” . . . intentionality. We can then move from the apparent levels into the more intrinsic ones: that we are one with the universe, connected/interconnected, multifaceted, multidimensional. I got the Life World within the Greater world here, when we become more activated; and I’ve looked at it in many other ways now.

Even here I might of started at basic levels: we are the constructors . . . sexually, socially, mentally with the games people play, etc. Eventually I began to realize we are also within a field of meaning and knowledge: its why we are being pulled along by something greater. It gave me the reason why we dream, engage in various meanings; then I was able to move into more core levels, going past the generic belief systems. I finally made it into a position that made sense, what it is all about, rather then the ways you were playing it. That fourth level of Gurdjieff’s synchronously presented itself. We are “Selves entwined within the universe in an interactive field of meaning and knowledge,” as I put it.

We’re at the point of extended action and possible development here. Human potentiality! Human empowerment!

Even this is just the starting point, our psychology, the “energetics:” it can become much more esoteric, or Divine, for instance.

Its not just the shadows we are facing; but that Greater Reality and the encompassing Ground of our Being.


I’ve been touching upon even more interesting foci, a newer level, complete, even for me. Its like I’ve been pushing through my fuzziness into new encompassing locales of clarity. One was like being in a globular room of stained glass windows. There were these two sharp strong foci, as if I wanted to get going I guess: into the room next to me in darkness, but in full clarity; then looking at my bicycle in the hallway, with sparkling spots of color and light embedded within it all, making an elaborate artistic design.

One could consider the two directions as presented by Gurdjieff, one automatic, moved by external influences, like that substrate level, the immediate mind, of arising illusory form, pointed out by Holecek; or the reverse, the one coming from Allah, all positive, intelligent, of light. There is that intermediate realm, which could be all mixed up, educational, in which intent becoming activated can sort it out . . . conscious Self-Actualization.

I was having an issue, I had to focus on Yvonne only; but that was the real situation! So, all kinds of other things could be considered: they are the real contexts, situations. My intent roamed and grabbed on to various things because of this realization. Why I realized I could have the two directions in operation at any one time.

Yvonne’s talk of spirits brought them in . . . some black in a group walking by me, looking with a smile . . . one translucent, but with compete body, sprinting up a stairwell.

Doing One’s Homework

So, at the end of the differentiation, we are at our “identifications.” Depending upon one’s level of functioning here, is whether there are other possibilities or not. Rationality, the typical access point, is where we can describe what we think is going on. There are higher levels of consciousness and activities though, intentionality, in which further activations can occur, an interaction with a greater reality. Its here that one can do one’s homework, working from what one originally knows and can describe intellectually, and these further unique extensions to ourselves and world. Its a two pronged process . . . like opening and studying the book of Life! The Life World within the Greater World.

One could look back to John Lilly in The Center of the Cyclone, and his levels of consciousness: (Level 48, Gurdjieff):

The neutral biocomputer state, the state for the absorbtion and the transmission of new ideas; for the reception and transmission
of new data and new programs; doing teaching and learning with maximum facilitation, neither a positive or negative state, neutral.
On the Earth.

He has those other states, as well, positive or negative; but I’m the one who brought in intent here for my ways.

Our experience is various subsets of our totality . . . drawn to our bodily consciousness, our physical situation, our needs, etc

But we’re more than a sliver of a self that has a repressed part . . . with the problem of differentiation and the social adjustment

You could say there is an aspect of self, which we normally consider as ourselves, involved in a certain focus/reality. There’s another higher-up aspect of self that’s aware of it, and other possibilities. This is where the potentials of a wider reality or consciousness is possible. The knowledge, guidance we can encounter here in this greater realm. Not just dream symbols, feelings; but the synchronicity, experiencing, and knowing in another way.

Friday, July 21, 2006

After seeing this, it made me realize I knew something back then, though there were also roadblocks: the next stage kicked in when I realized what you people were doing, externalizing, and realizing that I was also entwined within an interactive field of meaning and knowledge . . . getting past that level of colloquial psychoanalysis, in general, as I put it. Very close!

I was thinking of this differentiation more as just a psychology; but if you look to Yoga, or physics these days, its right to the level of matter!

“creation is here described as an evolution outward, from undifferentiated into differentiated consciousness, from mind into matter.” (p.28) “. . . until the process ends on the outer physical Surface of the visible and tangible world” (p.28) . . . like the figure/ground, when we can see images in the clouds, like animals, or faces? . . .

Found these synchronous quotes, and/or read them before, in: HOW TO KNOW GOD: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanhali, Signet, Signet Classics, Mentor, Plume and Meridian Books, 1969.

“During both dreams and waking hours, our minds collapse probability waves to generate a physical reality that comes complete with a functioning body. “

-Dreams Are More Real Than Anyone Thought: Waking reality and dreams are different versions of the same thing.
-Posted August 11, 2021. Psychology Today.

Matter and energy! Intent is energetic. The “Mold?”

As one becomes active, intent, there are moves from this apparent level, into the more intrinsic ones, entering a more intermediate realm. This could be multifaceted, complex, with many levels involved, something I felt I might have to look into. Our little meanings become involved with something greater, just as Yoga states concentration moves into knowledge with discrimination, meditation, and absorption.

Gurdjieff, for instance, had related ideas:



Ouspensky, P. D.. In Search of the Miraculous: Complete with Diagrams . Toward Publishing. Kindle Edition, Location 1094, 1120, 1138.

So, we’re in this intermediate zone between our experience and the world(s). Or, if you are religious, between the creation and the Creator. Is it all fantasy, memory, or various forms of activations?

Like at the top of the pyramid, with its eye, we’re at that enhanced point of cognition, consciousness . . . rationality and intentionality deal with this content . . .

Its not just being separate, material, reactive within the environment, with only genetics/behaviorism . . . the body ego. It adds another enhanced layer.

I just realized I was trying to get this, way back, when I was thinking of the input/output domain idea, and our skill sets related to that.

Its our World View, sense of meaning: it can be very complex, sophisticated, intelligent.

Going back to those more typical levels, times, with my new ways, it was if I was rushing in carrying a long red staff with two round knobby things on top, one red, one black. Later, it was like I was looking at this old massive iron door, opening, being lifted up, with a heavy chain trailing down, but with a key connected to the end of that, and revealing a lighted environment beyond. Through The Gates of the Silver Key!

I was walking along, in this other body out there, carrying a staff with like a lighted flag. These come with the focus of intent: its what happens and what one gets. I moved it back to psychology though: there are probably other kinds of orientations. I had to do what I had to first.

This got me thinking; if its right down to matter, I can see why Yoga and Buddhism start with the body. One may reach up; but one comes back down. There’s a home base here; but with the breath for instance, its centered in more mid-line chakras, not the sex/survival orientations of the West.

The Quintessence

So, we are moving from that “apparent” level, one’s identifications, back into that “intrinsic” one, into our oneness with the universe, connected/interconnected, in touch with all the multifaceted/multidimensional aspects to it all, and of oneself.

We are “Selves entwined within the universe in an interconnected field of meaning and knowledge.”

“Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.”
― Paracelsus

The point is to move from the ego’s banal collections to the more lustrous connections/interconnections of the truer Self . . . The Life World within the Greater World . . .

I was thinking of that differentiation into some of those more problematic levels, and was trying to push more into the Life World. I suddenly got this vision of a card sent to me, with some writing inside. The message was to send them back as clear as possible what I could visualize: it was something like a longer cylindrical metallic object being pulled out, like giving birth, with some longer elements stretching out behind, like with the Magnapinna. Their response was then to come in, point out something, and add some extra parts on one side, for balance: it looked like it was being attached to this beautiful chrome and perfectly blue frame of a restomod. I then blurted out that I had also turned off the lights, with a switch to the feeling of being a lighted, alive, and conscious boy. There seems to be a positive push in this vehicle direction, symbolically, for ordinary life; but moving along experientially in both worlds. That helped me make a decision.

Strangely enough, I had the curiosity to wonder what else is up down here. I saw three figures sitting next to a wall, with gnarly looking grimaces. There was a switch of perspective, and then I saw these dark hooded creatures coming in. It was then that I read the chapter called The Dark Court, in the book “The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries,” by Rev. Robert Kirk, that seemed surprisingly synchronous to all this.

I realized, that with the figure/ground, there can be many possible ongoing perspectives at any one point, with feelings, related to, and more. I was wondering later if there were a variety of moves between the separate and intrinsic modes. It could be complicated; there are many levels, issues, and entities around.


Likewise, I’ve upped the context from the separate mode, in which the ego whom has to learn to deal with those shadowy elements, into the interconnected context, of being a part of the whole, as Jung put it. Functionally, this is where intent and the figure/ground comes in for me: there is much more to life here!

I was thinking of how drawing constellations is like the figure/ground; though they believe there is also an esoteric connection here, as far as one’s world and life goes. Interconnected . . . the quintessence!

“To understand correctly the meaning of the words alchemy and astrology, it is necessary to realize the intimate relationship and identity of the microcosm and macrocosm, and their mutual interaction.”– Paracelsus


This was an earlier stage in my developments. Being cute and artistic. I had intent; but I needed a larger overall perspective, psychology. (2001-09-28)

Touching the Beyond2

These days, I’ve pretty much got all the parts going, “A Self entwined within the universe in a interactive field of meaning and knowledge;” but there was a time when I was stuck in “perceptions” only, without considering Self or body. Viewing that time, stuck, that body sense was like “Zombieatics” . . . weird dream . . . and all with these worn out spaces, basements, old pipes, etc. Lately, there was this dream of watching these women exercise, pump iron: when I then focused on me, my lean muscular body stretched high into the sky! There is that interactive focus of intent that makes all the difference.

Still working on it.

I evolved through the figure/ground idea . . . “Our “intent” is usually not this lofty though: it is directed towards fulfilling our individual mundane needs. But, this is our starting point . . . our selective attention, our figure/ground relationship with the world, our identifications. We identify with this small part and the rest is forgotten. But there is an innate wakefulness as the Buddhists put it, permeating it all.” . . . now I see how its a part of a more multifaceted, multidimensional thing, a small world within a greater world, encompassed by the field, and the greater consciousness, per se. Connected/interconnected.

Identifications is the problem though. Ego has to learn how to deal with this more intrinsic, multifaceted Self . . . 

This construct . . . “internalizing” the outside external world . . . Piaget.

World view . . . dreaming may run in “parallel” with the social world . . . generic, colloquial.

But the mind is more abstract and powerful than that . . . like the discoverer of benzene, Kekule, who saw the symbol of the snake biting its own tail. Meanings.

We are not just rational though, in a static separate position; we are connected/ interconnected to it all, imbedded within the field. This structure may be a part of the actual world, interconnected energetics. Matter and energy, but intelligent, alive! The Life World . . . a potentially livable enlarged context, greater than just our social orientation, and ideas. May the Force be with you! 

(Orenda /ˈɔːrɛndə/ is the Iroquois name for a certain spiritual energy inherent in people and their environment. It is an “extraordinary invisible power believed by the Iroquois Native Americans to pervade in varying degrees in all animate and inanimate natural objects as a transmissible spiritual energy capable of being exerted according to the will of its possessor.” Orenda is a collective power of nature’s energies through the living energy of all natural objects: animate and inanimate. Wikipedia.)

The Life World within the Greater World.

The Order of Spirit Forms.

I started with psychology; but the idea of light and energy is common in the Mid and Far East.

Shen Gongs.

Like floating in a soft luminous slightly blue space, in which there were all these floating crosses, like fish in the sea. I said I could do this, focus, and be a point.

Raison d’etre

So, potentialities . . . so many more possibilities, now . . .

I always knew intent could perk things up a bit, with its activation and connection. Then with the notion of of an interactive field, there’s the chance to touch upon and interact with the multi-views, the multifaceted and multidimensional aspects to ourselves and the world, a more sophisticated cognitive level. Sometimes I may play with the start; but it can also be something spontaneous from these more masterful intrinsic levels . . . one is then moving along in a different way. There is that deeper hook to that core, flows moving along from there.

Not to say we are not social/personal, have ideas, etc . . . but we also have that flow of meaning between our Life World, and the Greater. There is that special level, unique, encompassing it all. The point is, there is advancement of functioning, as one ascends the hierarchical structure of the nervous system, which is the same as the Chakras, as in Gurdjieff’s Fourth Ways.

The Western world needed something like this: we’ve been cut-off . . . the “Fall.”

Thanks for the help Wilson. We needed this level for ourselves, explained in our language. Its there, everywhere else though; like the intermediate realm between the typical and the Spiritual. Its going to have to be psychology here, for us, or science, for we are busting out! The point is, I’ve been working in the other direction, moving from the “separate mode,” to the connection/ interconnection, with intent and the figure/ground as the rule of thumb. I began to understand “meaning:” I got the Life World within the Greater World, our small form, abstraction, within the greater more intrinsic elements of the Universe and the fuller consciousness. It finally gave me a system that made sense, added direction to my life!

The point is is to get active. It also took me a while to realize we are also in an interactive position, within a “field” . . . a theoretical issue for me.

Intent is free to roam, independent, new locales, activation points, in an intrinsic position not pinned within any context. Out of the “mold” and the body, our “center of observation,” and sense of identity, our context, varies with that . . . a further conscious skill set.

Its interesting to find oneself spruced up, and in unique positions, that aren’t the typical generic or colloquial ones. This kind of outreach is more positive: its the point of it all! One is within the bigger picture, interacting there.

Meaningfulness . . . an enhanced Reality, Realities!!

Ya, there is an approach here . . . “Intentionality.” It can be touched upon in a few ways, like in Buddhism, Yoga, Castaneda. I started with Wilson though: there’s a raison d’etre to it all. From there, I gathered up all the all the ideas, experiences, from my perspectives, at this starting point, putting it all within my language.

Some of these visions could be called “Seeing,” as well

Wilson’s critique: considering that internalizing/externalizing dialectic, that puts Wilson’s analysis of the problems of literature into live mode for me:

“In this book, Wilson shows that most of the authors he examines have abandoned the idea of making full use of their imagination. Almost all of them have devoted their literary skills to recreating versions of everyday events, possible and frequently probable scenes, or else to inventing insubstantial characters, dark fantasies and bleak futures. Wilson emphasizes that most modern literature is an ode to despair, a stubborn devotion to the man in the street, to the defeated, the loser, and warns us of the danger of accepting the limits these authors impose on reality. Almost all the works analysed rule out the possibility that its characters might rebel against a storyline that invalidates their desires and ambitions. We see them trapped by immediacy, incapable of building a mental image of themselves that would drive them to become masters of their inner-self and of their existence. There is no loftiness or boldness: their only option is to resign themselves to ‘what is there’. For Wilson this is like confining a hawk to a cage. It turns us into victims of our own passivity and makes us forget that our aim is to fly, to plane over what we desire, to be worthy of what is good for us. His warning merits our attention because what was written by these authors is essential reading in most educational centres of the western world. It is no exaggeration to say that their vision of man and of the world is engraved on our unconscious.”

Samantha Devin, Publisher’s Note.

Wilson, Colin. The Strength to Dream: Literature and the Imagination (Outsider Cycle) (pp. 5-6). Aristeia Press Limited. Kindle Edition.

Could I be a poet instead?

“The easiest course to follow, as mentioned earlier, is to take refuge in what is possible, befriend the masses, and not expose oneself to going mad. This is a far cry from the romantic’s imaginative boldness, the impassioned vision that once rose above the heights of human ambition and showed us that the poet, that winged being who understands the real power of imagination, is the only one who can see beyond what is apparent. The poet finds connexions with the universe, feels bonds with the sacred, is connected to the infinite. His imagination lifts him above the rest of men, who remain prisoners of their sterile sanity and rationality. It is the poet who enjoys the limitless forms of all creation, the one who laughs from on high at those small creatures complaining about boredom and nihilism.”

Samantha Devin, Publisher’s Note.

Wilson, Colin. The Strength to Dream: Literature and the Imagination (Outsider Cycle) (p. 8). Aristeia Press Limited. Kindle Edition.

Things can grab our interest in the “objective” world, or one can consciously use one’s intentionality to make the connection . . . or in the “intrinsic” world, its like a further extension, interaction, examination. I had an image of my dad’s face, clean and colorful; but it was like I was reaching out and playing with his “hair” with my right hand. It wasn’t hair, for he hasn’t any, but a grouping of energy fibres, and with some behind as well.