So, I guess you could say, I found my more active nature, becoming a way, new me, and more realistic than the generic, colloquial . . .

Then, having that multiperspective is very interesting, revealing . . . the way things come up is unique . . .

We’re not just acting as a separate person here, with the nasty elements all about: there’s positive interconnections, “extensions,” with these further parts. I got those two elements coming up with intent, interconnection, and an interactive field of meaning and knowledge. Activations. Much more sophisticated context . . .
When I was moving along in the past, people were thinking of the former possibility; but actually, I was beginning to make interconnected moves. I wasn’t trying to be Mr. Big here, avoiding the negative. I found intent! The Force Awakened! Though, I also got the lemmings following me now: I’m you oracle.

I had some issues that was giving me a rough time. It was like I stomped on the floor; then strangely, I also saw a square blue outline of energy. I thought to myself: I could be an alligator; but I could still open this door and see the light, as I did do that. Likewise, in another similar incident, I saw the shining light on a body of water at night, instead.

I had this image of a person looking towards the light, with the thought he was dying. Then there was a priest, with this rectangular image of energy and a feeling, next to him.

One day I was wondering what to do with myself: I got up inwardly and walked around, in a cool, collected, and calm way. Then I examined some kind of fabric case, like a camera case. There were these images of men’s faces, oblong and stretched, with some kind of higher positive energy. Something I wanted to avoid I suppose originally; but I was taking the higher perspective. Surprisingly, during that day, as I drove around, I literally never was stopped by a red light, or blocked by cross traffic . . . a first! Even the universe can give me path, direction, externally?

Lying in a warm bath . . . I got this image of a rectangular field of new green growing plants. I was walking around in the snowy and green fields at Waterton beforehand. Later, an image of soft fuzzy translucent profile of a woman’s head and shoulders.

Secrets (2005/06/26)

Before I realized we are “selves entwined within an interactive field of meaning and knowledge,” and emphasizing the “intrinsic orientation” . . . Very creative, but weak on one half, the wholeness. Now I can deal with the befores and afters:

An experiential domain . . . an experiencer
-a deeper, secret aspect to experience
-between the “eye and realized experience” . . . “inner perception”

The experiential frame:
-the personal: body, internal/external reality, identity, space/time.
-beyond the personal: the experience of a pristine reality independent of one’s cognitive interpretations . . . clarity . . . deeper sources of being and existing beyond this limited framework . . . archetypical . . . multidimensionality . . . extended, vaster cognition, intelligence, consciousness . . . the ground of being.

Drifting from ordinary, objective awareness . . . the inner realm, a realm of open potential . . . subtle feeling, energy, perception. Could it be though, we “draw the line” in a particular way? As H. P. Lovecraft would say, “the local aspects of an unchanged and endless reality seem to change with the cosmic angle of regarding.” Or, like an M. C. Escher lithograph, the resulting perspective depends upon one’s selective attention. This is our “intersection” with the universe, our “interface” . . . between the external/internal, finite/infinite, particulate/whole.

Our normal center of attention, externally directed, is only an offshoot, a tangent, a finite perspective of all perspectives, universal views. Inward focuses though lead to other intermediate levels . . . the “subconscious” becomes a treasure chest, a shamanic reservoir of knowledge and paths of breathless wonder.

Our experience, cognition . . . automatically generated from within . . .
Besides recognizing, as psychologist’s would, of an implicit contribution to experience, there is the possibility of experiencing these inner realms directly.
There is a deeper cognitive level, a conscious mode of exploring “inner perception”
Phenomena may range on a dimension from “external reality projection spaces”, e.g., clouds, to “zero level external reality.” (John Lilly)

Potential explorations:
-Astral projection . . . contemplation of body input/output
-Inner focus states . . . contemplation of visual input/output
-Meditation . . . contemplation of inner space input/output
-Identifications . . . contemplation of identity formats . . . we are probable selves, a selection from a multidimensional aspect.



The Life World within the Greater Worlds . . .

“ . . . But first let’s talk about the warp and the weft of a weaving. The warp threads are the vertical threads we have been talking about. They are the anchoring threads that hold the weaving together.”

Andrews, Lynn. Coming Full Circle . Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition.

Painted Bird continued, “The warp threads are picked from the places of origin, the places of power of Mother Earth. They come from the water powers, the water babies that turn an unfathomable existence in the darkness, waiting to be born into the light through the ability of your sacred fingers and your sacred thought. They are given birth through the anchoring of the physical world and spirit, creating the framework to weave divine inspiration into an actual form.”

Andrews, Lynn. Coming Full Circle . Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition.

“ . . . The warp threads are the strong pragmatic threads that represent how well you hold power within your own being. Symbolically, they are the warp threads of your dreams, the anchoring threads of your existence.

Andrews, Lynn. Coming Full Circle . Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition.

“ . . . the weft threads of the weaving, the threads that give it texture and patterns. The weft threads of your dreams are what give your life texture. They are the essential elements that fill your life with meaning, the subtle threads of perception and awareness that represent your own perspective of reality, the subtleties and the perception of the beauty of your life as an art form. Never forget them,” she said. “They are what bring the sacred cross into your weaving and into your life.”

Andrews, Lynn. Coming Full Circle . Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition.

She drew a directional cross within the circle and said, “My weaving is within this circle of form. I am creating a form that has a meaning, that has a sacred voice. That is why I use the directional cross of the four sacred directions to guide my weaving. But you can only come to the sacred voice when you totally understand what weaving means.”

Andrews, Lynn. Coming Full Circle . Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition.

Life moves on . . .

Intent, With Finesse

Intent, with finesse . . . interconnected, and touching the beyond . . . intrinsic levels . . . pristine.

Extensions to our flexible, malleable Life World, interacting with the Greater World . . . this field of meaning and knowledge . . . why we dream . . . building ourselves.

Sometimes within our typical orientations something active spontaneously kicks in . . . an intrinsic movement . . . is it from this side, or the other side, or synchronous?

This orientation, shape, context . . . our life world . . . can be rearranged, reprogrammed, transformed. Besides pulling it all together with intent, and turning on the lights, there are these activated connections, foci, like quantum energy levels turned up: its connected to the beyond, as well. Quantum entanglement?

One could think one is only experiencing oneself; but its also different, within a new context, presentation . . . unique. The higher self, greater reality . . . ? Some of them have this sense of an emerging reality

Out of the blue, a good way of putting it, there was this core movement, connection, and I was within this blue space, with a little grayish white shack just to the right side.

Sometimes one’s sense of body is up for examination. I hopped into bed, with that normal sense of body; but then there was a further focus, with a perception of another set of hanging legs. Similarly, I was looking down at this seated body, as if in a meditative state: as I looked it began to move to the right to another position.

I was lying in the hot bathtub, which engendered a deeper state: with a spontaneous emergent focus, it seemed to put me in a new locale, and seeming quite real. I also seemed to be something else here, oblong, blue, semi-translucent, with some colors here and there. Who am I? In another incident, I had this vision of what I inwardly called the long boat, grayish white, stretched out laterally in front to me. Later, there was this oblong golden thing, standing vertically, before me: it had a good sheen too.

Occasionally, one achieves this flexible state, and one begins to look around on one’s own volition: it was if there were these overlapping spaces, which I was playing with, then I nudged up to some kind of black oblong thing within them, like a coffee cup, with some more rounded parts. In another experience in which I was dealing with some issues, like considering, I saw a shiny human spirit standing there. Why?

Every now and then, options are presented in a media type way, in front of oneself, uniquely in this case, like a flowing, billowing fabric with squares containing pictures, like a page, one image including my pet, for instance.

I had a bit of a goal in mind: I wondered if I could see a more positive state. There ended up being this more complex drama. It was like I stretched over, and pulled back the curtains, though I was still aware of my bed body. There was this talk in a foreign language as I did that. A bright light shined through from behind there. The other thing is the light outlined a lying figure. This was a complex state with many multifaceted perspectives close at hand, like being in third person.

External issues are often considered, like with the men and women. I wondered if I should focus on the women: the point is, the way my mind works now, there were other alternatives: it didn’t play out in the typical way. As I did so, I saw these wooden creations, which I internally called the “axe.” There was a wooden handle on the left side, a square in the middle, with these lcd screens. On the right hand there was a circular thing, like a speedometer. It looked like the controls of a vehicle. One could make it into an art creation.

During an issue at the coffee shop in which there were no seats, due to Covid, I drove around wasting some time. I saw this wooden house, that looked very similar to a vision of a wooden house that I had earlier. Something greater is involved with those external events of one’s life.

I wondered if I should just let it flow, as you make it. I saw this tree with orange Christmas lights . . . tree. When I decided this wasn’t right and entered into the issue, the result was like I was in a car, driving. I saw a flash of blue light. There are other further personal options.

Faint white like squares moving around, getting my vision . . . as I decided to investigate and attend to them, I suddenly got a vision of this crowd, in bright colors of all sorts, and with a woman looking towards me with a big smile. Mom? It only goes to show intent can take these lower issues to a further more important connection.

Inwardly I had this quick presentation, like an artist’s stroke, thin and colorful, pristine, like a cat’s scratch. Them. As I attended to that, I had this vision, looking upward, as if from a distance, of a young boy with short blond hair, and a smaller one next to him. Looked like a mother to the left. I didn’t know of any boys like that, till later, when I discovered that Aidan got a short haircut! A premonition it seems . . .

The Package

Being perspicacious, I originally intuited that perception was active, not passive, like with the “we are in here and the world is out there:” this was intentionality of course. I could focus the world: there was an “interconnection” here . . . one became “more together,” and simultaneously, the world in this focus was clearer, more colorful, more meaningful . . . “a mutual arising of Self and Existence,” as I put it. Consequently, this is also highly related to one’s awareness, Self, and consciousness per se. Our “Intrinsic nature.”

The later issues came in with people saying it was “this” or “that:” They had no sense of this more together level at all. I had to play the game. There was this “construct” idea, I guess, “internalization of the external world,” “personality.” After long considerations though, I finally realized what people were actually doing was what I called “externalizations,” and I didn’t have to take them too seriously, for their levels of interpretation were lackluster. There is that colloquial level of social interpretation, even giving Dr. Phil a hard time.

Knowing of the higher potential levels, I was able to work on this construct in a different way . . . I brought in “intent and the figure/ground,” as my rule of thumb. Even here I found this difficult; but I got out of my separateness and the two minds . . . how could the “greater mind be more intelligent if its unconscious?” . . . when I realized that we were “a Self entwined within an interactive field of meaning and knowledge,” as I labeled it. The interactions were then allowed to come in! From here I was able to follow up upon a few other explanations, like Don Juan’s talk of the first gate, second gate, and third gates of Dreaming. My focus was “activating” further levels of Dreaming.

My analogy with the figure/ground was they were like the small parts of a jig-saw puzzle, the bigger picture, greater meanings. The point is, is when we become active, one can engage and enliven those further parts of the associated meanings. They were realistic and meaningful!

So, this focus, intent, can come in a variety of workable ways now! Interconnected, and the further focus.

The point is to be active: moving from my approach and to Jung’s classic ways for instance . . .

In Psychological Types, Jung deepens his reflections on fantasy thinking by differentiating two types of fantasy thinking, namely “passive fantasy” and “active fantasy” (Jung, 1921/1971, p. 428 [CW6, para. 712]). Passive fantasy is a subjective figment of the mind whilst active fantasy is an image-making, form-creative activity. In his distinction of terms, he seemed to have been following the medieval alchemists who emphasised the difference between daydreams and creative imagination or phantasia and imaginatio. In fact, in The Tavistock Lectures he equated “active fantasy” with imagination proper “per veram imaginationem et non phantastica” and explained that fantasy is “mere nonsense” while imagination is “active purposeful creation” (Jung, 1935/1976, p. 171 [CW18, para. 396]).

Cassar, Laner. Jung’s Technique of Active Imagination and Desoille’s Directed Waking Dream Method (Research in Analytical Psychology and Jungian Studies) (p. 15). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

The union of conscious and unconscious contents will give rise to a psychological function “the transcendent function.” In Yoga and the West, Jung stated that the method of active imagination: “[…] consists in a special training for switching off consciousness, at least to a relative extent, thus giving the unconscious contents a chance to develop” (Jung, 1936/1969, pp. 536–537 [CW11, para. 875]).

Cassar, Laner. Jung’s Technique of Active Imagination and Desoille’s Directed Waking Dream Method (Research in Analytical Psychology and Jungian Studies) (p. 17). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

This image, at the point of the figure/ground . . . with intent reaching out, like a flexing muscle, or a hose filling fully . . . becomes activated. I moved from the original down to Earth contexts of going beyond one’s filters, to the more abstract, moving out of one’s models of the world, like that of the typical social order, becoming multifaceted, multidimensional. They become more real, and if this represents who you are, or what is going on . . . Wow!

. . . while in the E.T.H. lectures he stated that a “second personality brings about an absolute change in character” (p. 106). He also stated that since the patient “is no longer dependent on his dreams or on his doctor’s knowledge,” he “gives shape to himself” (Jung, 1931/1966, p. 49 [CW16, para. 106]).

Cassar, Laner. Jung’s Technique of Active Imagination and Desoille’s Directed Waking Dream Method (Research in Analytical Psychology and Jungian Studies) (p. 21). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

The Other, second personality, and Don Juan’s third gate of dreaming . . . starting to get a match here. I’d say that’s due to our more core functioning, intrinsic levels, that’s related to this deeper self, which we can adjust to, orientate around, and move into new forms of interpretation and understanding.

An interesting stage here: I was speaking of the “other;” but I just discovered its an actual topic with Jung. (So I purchased the book.) I was moving along in the social world, while others were saying, beside the Covid issues being tough, there were “other” issues that were difficult to deal with as well. It seems the ways consider everything and keep it all moving forward . . . lol.

The Orientation

Figure/ground, form/energy, meanings . . .

“Where one is at” . . . Life Worlds within the Greater World.

Attentiveness. Moving it up a notch. Multifaceted. Discernment.

Beyond one’s “filters,” models of the world, the truer reality . . . “Existence” . . . an interactive field of meaning and knowledge, the Ground . . . the Essence, energy. There are many other more real, essential threads, flowing through.

Moving past the “apparent” . . . pulling it more together in various ways . . .

Taking it up a step . . . the figure/ground, analogous to being part of the bigger picture, like a jig saw puzzle, in which there can be multiple advanced combinations when one becomes active, or like a poem in which the words and phrases have many contributing meanings.

Being pinned down to that generic, colloquial internalization/externalization dialectic has its limitations . . . one can move beyond those filters, models of the world, and see for oneself, other possibilities . . .

With the focus of intent, it all becomes gathered up, everything becomes clearer and more colorful: one moves into a position of personal strength.

This level of discernment, self-awareness . . . like seeing an image in a mirror and knowing its you . . . but at an even higher level, in which one can feel from that image, know and be its actions.

Abstracting this image, sense of awareness, into lines of colors . . .

During another episode, day, I was involved with considerations of external events out there. When I thought, “What about me?,” I got this strange geometric shape, a pyramid with a sphere inside, with an uprising bowl on top! LOL! That was a first! Wow!

That energetic Shield, like a turtles back, which mother earth rests upon, and includes all the information about one’s life, lives . . . and more . . . like the pieces of a jig saw puzzle.

From this more intrinsic level, receiving comments . . . knowledgeable, active, discerning . . . .

“A different type of body” . . . got a rear profile, very angular, with a series of tiny lights on its left shoulder.

“Lets take a look” . . . this grey chaos differentiated into some creatures, a group of aliens, greys. From what I know they don’t like to be seen, for one is coming in at a higher level, too high.

I tried to see who was making the comments . . . got an image of this entity, human, with short hair . . . Jedi Knight.

Likewise, in a previous ordinary lucid dream, I was with a group of students struggling with some difficult studies, and when I presented the papers and stuff I was carrying, with some kind of title page on top, indecipherable, he could actually read it out.

In another activation, in which I was carrying those papers and stuff, walking with it between my two hands, I had the feeling of “this is amazing.” There was a spry woman wearing her space age coverings, like Star Trek. The future?

Was thinking later . . . the package . . . the newer order of work?

So, instead of just the Average Joe with his symbols, and the shadow, there is that further step, our intrinsic nature, interconnected, one with the universe, with access to all of our multifaceted orientations . . . activations of the Other Self.

This is how we seem to differ, and it sorts it out for me. You’ve also been trying to pin this down to something external, though that tends to be “generically symbolic, colloquial.”

Rather than being divided into two, my analogy with the figure/round is like being part of the bigger picture, the jig-saw puzzle. There can be more advanced combinations! I just needed something functional here, explaining how we are a part of the whole, as Carl Jung would say, and how to approach it.

The ways here are literal too, not just being hypothetical, metaphorical. Activations of the proper directions.

There was this image of a portrait of a woman showing up on a cereal box . . . kind of cartoonish I thought; but it was reoccurring, so I thought I should look into it. To my surprise, there was a switch into something more realistic: we were in this new space, fully there, at odd angles to each other, connecting with each other, as if we were in the air in skilled acrobatic positions, and with a sense of being with it, achievement.


Jung’s interest in the imaginal arose from his maternal side of the family who were into spiritualism, especially his mother. As a child, Jung sensed that he was in fact two different persons, called “Personality No. 1” (the young boy growing up in Klein Huningen near Basle) and “Personality No. 2” (the eternal and timeless side of himself, his own “other”). Moreover, in his childhood, Jung experienced several visual hallucinations. He appeared to have had the ability to evoke fantasies voluntarily. However, Jung in his youth did not always give so much weight to images as he did to the mental faculties of abstract thinking deeming them “thoroughly immoral from an intellectual viewpoint” (Jung, 1925/1989, p. 27). His conversion to holding images in positive regard had been so drastic that in his late life he attributed his creative work to the fantasies which he had in 1912: “Everything that I accomplished in later life was already contained in them, although at first only in the form of emotions and images” (Jung, 1963/1995, p. 217).

Cassar, Laner. Jung’s Technique of Active Imagination and Desoille’s Directed Waking Dream Method (Research in Analytical Psychology and Jungian Studies) (p. 13). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.


The Mandala

The most your ideas of separation was may of been between the social presentation and the inner individual. I got it going way deeper, and ending with lots of complexities . . . there is more going on out there beyond your avenues, and mine. Its not just the shadow that’s hidden; its our entire multifaceted nature, our wholeness.

It boils down to that I’m not your “symbol,” as I said before. (I’m not my symbol!) There were also a lot of positive experiences occurring though, leading one on, anchoring me within a better reality. It was different.

Originally, I did think I had to be undercover, to “work with intent,” for it was kind of crazy back then. Now, I got it integrated, explained, and can use it. It wasn’t like I was hiding out because I had hang-ups and was wanting to do something different: it was more like I was not relating to your externalizing ways, at any one time.

Not your “role” either, I guess.

Ultimately, I worked my past the typical social dialectic of internalization/externalization interpretation, anonymous and hypothetical, which was dragging me down, to finding my place, position within that greater sense of meaning and connection within the universe. That’s it, what I had to do! It was a total relief. So, whatever I was working on, writing down, was relevant to that situation, ongoing evolution, change.

The Real Stuff comes from somewhere else.

This idea of separateness . . . in our beliefs . . .

‘Let us regard a little more closely the Biblical image of the garden.
Its name, Eden, signifies in Hebrew “delight, a place of delight,” and our own English word, Paradise, which is from the Persian, pairi-, “around,” daeza, “a wall,” means properly “a walled enclosure.” Apparently, then, Eden is a walled garden of delight, and in its center stands the great tree; or rather, in its center stand two trees, the one of the knowledge of good and evil, the other of immortal life. Four rivers flow, furthermore, from within it as from an inexhaustible source, to refresh the world in the four directions. And when our first parents, having eaten the fruit, were driven forth, two cherubim were stationed (as we have heard) at its eastern gate, to guard the way of return.
Taken as referring not to any geographical scene, but to a landscape of the soul, that Garden of Eden would have to be within us. Yet our conscious minds are unable to enter it and enjoy there the taste of eternal life, since we have already tasted of the knowledge of good and evil. That, in fact, must then be the knowledge that has thrown us out of the garden, pitched us away from our own center, so that we now judge things in those terms and experience only good and evil instead of eternal life — which, since the enclosed garden is within us, must already be ours, even though unknown to our conscious personalities. That would seem to be the meaning of the myth when read, not as prehistory, but as referring to man’s inward spiritual state.” p.26,27

Myths To Live By; Joseph Cambell; Arkana; 1993

Ahh . . . A walled garden of delight, two trees at the center, one of the knowledge of good and evil, and the other of immortal life, with four rivers leading to the four directions . . . this sorts it out for me. Its a Mandala. Back to Jung.

Those two trees, sounds like they symbolize our  two modes of consciousness, divisive rationality, and intentionality . . . ego and the wholeness.
Those poor Romans trying to be Holy to have everlasting life, lol. Ultimately, there’s room for various perspectives, “judgments.”
There’s ways to get both halves working together. As I would say, going past our filters, models of the world, there is “A mutual arising of Self and existence.” More recently, I would say we are “An intrinsic Self, entwined within the universe, in an interactive field of meaning and knowledge.”

Even with the world tree, Yggdrasill, there were two families of Gods who were warring, the AEsir who were more heavenly, and the Vanir who were more down to Earth. Sounds familiar, heh?

“The AEsir family contains mainly gods of consciousness, war, and government, the Highest and Holy Gods of Consciousness, of shaping the universe, and ultimate potential. The ruling god of the Northern tradition is Odin.
The Vanir are mainly concerned with fertility and natural, worldly processes and cycles. The Rulers of the Vanir are Freja and Freyr (the lady and the Lord).” p.34

The Runes Workbook: A Step-by-step Guide to Learning the Wisdom of the Staves; Leon D. Wild; Thunder Bay Press, 2004.

The Lady and the Lord, fertility, the garden . . . hmm . . . “evil” in the Biblical system . . . a battle though.



Breaking Out

Extensions . . . going past one’s filters . . . Dreaming, or Seeing, in the Don Juan sense.

One can feel oneself in a different mode here, not just dealing with “inner imagery,” like in one’s head, for instance.

The Other Self.

Was it sleep or not? I just closed my eyes . . . instead of those random hypnagogic colors, as if within the head, I was controlling and shaping them, with intent, in a nice clear and focused way. They ended up being tangible things. There was the comment of being detached from the body. Hmmm. Thought about that the next night . . . intent does come from a different axis, locale, even if it feels close.

Engaging form, realities, an interactive field of meaning and knowledge.

Actions interconnected, meaningful, not separate.

Modes of Selfhood are here . . . the observer and observed are in sync.

It was like I was moving along the empty parking spot of an outer mall. Could feel myself in a different mode, moving, see the spot and buildings. Maybe it was about uptown, and now during the corona-19 quiet . . . I was thinking about Stoketown.

When we get into the “grabs,” the apparent image, only form, internalizations/externalizations and its generic symbolism, energy goes the other way.

As I found elsewhere: “Tibetan Dream Yoga begins with attention and knowledge, their first and second gates.”  “Learning to become attentive to the energy that animates life is the first Gateway . . . ” “Attentiveness is understood by perceiving the energy behind the form as opposed to the outer shape or appearance.” “When we move beyond our sensory perceptions that are stifled by our filters, we engage a different Self. This Self perceives with the sixth sense or intuition. When we don’t do anything, and we quiet the mind, this Self provides hunches or intuitions about what is really happening. This signifies that we have stepped through the first Gate of Dreaming and become attentive.” “When we become attentive, we begin to pay attention to reality.” “Being knowledgeable means not relying on past experiences or someone else’s knowledge or opinion. We learn to move into the inner source of knowledge, totally bypassing all of the filters, and learning to perceive energy through intuition.” “We become knowledgeable by finding the Source behind the dream. We perceive knowledge intuitively through the Dreamer of the Dream or the Dream being.”


New Mythology

Yes, ultimately, we could say “other,” rather than shadow. Like the other parts of the jig saw puzzle, which can also be more sophisticated and interconnected within the bigger picture, the figure/ground is open to potential.

Once one gets out of the static separate mode, and its authoritarianism, paranoia, into the more real, its much more evolutionary, developmental. It fits the facts better; though we need another way to deal with things, as well.

Transitional . . .

The “games” people play here . . . “externalization” . . . I’m just saying there is something better. You are playing it a lower level: it pulls me down.

The problem with me is I needed a “real” direction in life, not just this colloquial soap opera type thing, and generic symbols.

“Thus a mythology is a control system, on the one hand framing its community to accord with an intuited order of nature and, on the other hand, by means of its symbolic pedagogic rites, conducting individuals through the ineluctable psychophysiological stages of transformation of a human lifetime-birth, childhood and adolescence, age, old age, and the release of death-in unbroken accord simultaneously with the requirements of this world and the rapture of participation in a manner of being beyond time.” p.20

The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor As Myth And Religion, Joseph Campbell, Harper and Row, 1986.

I guess what I was having to deal with was our current Western average man mythology, whether orientated at the High end or the Lower end, that originated from the Western man’s sense of separateness. I found the interconnected mode, and other forms of functioning! That’s why!

Of course, I’m saying something like this:

Living one’s intrinsic nature. Intent. Life world within the Greater world. Expressions.

Ascending interactions of meaning and knowledge. “We are intrinsic selves, entwined within the universe, in an interactive field of meaning and knowledge.

New themes beginning here for me within this. Going past the typical down to earth people things and their symbols, the generic me. A new activation within a second attention, a literal force kicking in, discernible. Like being reborn as a child, a new self, entity, within these higher functions.